Pickling of the stainless stell removes impurities such as welding cinders, oxide film, heat tinting, extraneous rust and metallic components and organic impurities pressed into the surface during mechanical processing. It is only with clean, metallically pure surfaces that the passive layer that protects the stainless steel from corrosion can be formed. Pickling produces an even, matt, whitish shimmering surface.

Output table

Process Declaration Max. Dimensions LxWxH mm Equipment
Pickling chemical 3000 x 800 x 1200 Framework or basket

Contact person

Harald Schmidinger 

Area Manager Stainless steel
Electropolishing, Head of Quality Management

Perparim Thaqi

Production Manager Stainless steel


Your benefits

  • From individual parts to large-scale series
  • Basket and framework pickling
  • Fully automated process control
  • Short lead times