Electropolishing is an erosive procedure that strips metal anodically with specially tailored electrolytes. Here the work piece forms the anode in an electrochemical cell. Electropolishing reduces roughness in micro terms whilst preserving structures at a macro level. Edges and corners are thus broken down more strongly, which results in first-rate deburring across the entire surface. Most frequently chrome and chrome-nickel-steel are electropolished. Hence work pieces become far more corrsion-resistent. The barrel electropolishing offered by Stalderfinish for small and bulk parts is unique within Switzerland and completes the diverse offering. Electropolishing gives rust-proof steel very specific properties. The electropolished surface is very attractive and is used for all decorative purposes, with the glossy character of the metal in particular coming into its own here.

Output table

Process Declaration Max. Dimensions LxWxH mm Equipment
Electropolishing electrochemical 3000 x 800 x 1200 Framework or barrel

Contact person

Harald Schmidinger 

Area Manager Stainless steel
Electropolishing, Head of Quality Management

Perparim Thaqi

Production Manager Stainless steel


Your benefits

  • From individual parts to large-scale series
  • Electropolishing in all sizes
  • Inner electropolishing using Stalderfinish electrode installation
  • Barrel and framework nickel plating
  • Fully automated process control
  • Short lead times