Copper plating

The copper coating is generally applied as an interlayer. Work pieces that require a high level of corrosion protection are copper-plated in advance and are subsequently nickel-plated or first nickel-plated and then chrome-plated. Here a preliminary application of a copper layer is essential so that zinc die case nickel plating and/or chrome plating can then be carried out. 

Output table

Process Declaration Max. Dimensions LxWxH mm Equipment
Copper plating 1100 x 300 x 800 Framework or barrel

Contact person

Zouhir Bassoumi

Area Manager Coating
Head of process engineering

Thanujan Chandran

Foreman Copper, Nickel, Chrome

Copper-, Nickel-, Chrom-plating

Your benefits

  • From individual parts to large-scale series
  • Barrel and framework copper plating
  • Pretreatment of zinc die casting
  • Fully automated production process