Nickel plating

Nickel plating is generally applied as corrosion protection for non-ferrous metals. Sufficient corrosion protection for ferrous materials can only be achieved with a thick coating. To this end, Stalderfinish applies an addition interim coating of copper and thus improves corrosion protection notably. Nickel plating is applied in the coating process both for interlayers and final layers. Nickel is also used as a base coating for subsequent chrome plating.

Output table

Process Declaration Max. Dimensions LxWxH mm Equipment
Nickel plating 1100 x 300 x 800 Framework or barrel

Contact person

Zouhir Bassoumi

Area Manager Coating
Head of process engineering

Thanujan Chandran

Foreman Copper, Nickel, Chrome

Copper-, Nickel-, Chrom-plating

Your benefits

  • From individual parts to large-scale series
  • Barrel and framework nickel plating
  • Zinc die cast nickel plating
  • Glossy nickel plating
  • Fully automated production process