Contact person

Christoph Stalder

Chairman of the Board
Managing Director

Cäcilia Hefti

Member of the Executive Board 

Area Manager Finance & Administration

HR, Customer service, education&training

Zouhir Bassoumi

Area Manager Coating
Head of process engineering

Cedric Stalder

Area Manager Aluminium

Barrel anodising, Head of Service centre, final assembly & packaging, Specialist in drum anodising

Harald Schmidinger 

Area Manager Stainless steel
Electropolishing, Head of Quality Management

Robin Stalder

Area Manager Technology

Maintenance & Technology

Paul Keller

Production Manager Zinc

Large part zinc coating, Operation 1

Ernst Eggart

Production Manager Aluminium

Perparim Thaqi

Production Manager Stainless steel


Arsim Hamiti

Foreman Zinc

Barrel zinc plating, Operation 4

Blerim Mustafa

Foreman Zinc

Small part zinc coating, Operation 3

Thanujan Chandran

Foreman Copper, Nickel, Chrome

Copper-, Nickel-, Chrom-plating

Jennifer Graf

Foreman Waste water, disposal&laboratory 
Technical trainer, Contact person for  occupational safety & dangerous goods

Nunzio Schena

Gentijan Zeqiri

Foreman Service Center

Kandiah Satheeskumar

Foreman Maintenance

Yvonne Sutter

Sabrina Gsell


Exports, IT

Arbenita Hazeraj


Alexander Fürer

Marketing and sales

Promotion, advertisement, PR, web