Contact person

Christoph Stalder

Chairman of the Board
Managing Director

Cäcilia Hefti

Member of the Executive Board 

Area Manager Finance & Administration

HR, Customer service, education&training

Zouhir Bassoumi

Area Manager Coating
Head of process engineering

Cedric Stalder

Area Manager Aluminium

Barrel anodising, Head of Service centre, final assembly & packaging, Specialist in drum anodising

Harald Schmidinger 

Area Manager Stainless steel
Electropolishing, Head of Quality Management

Robin Stalder

Area Manager Technology

Maintenance & Technology

Paul Keller

Production Manager Zinc

Large part zinc coating, Operation 1

Ernst Eggart

Production Manager Aluminium

Perparim Thaqi

Production Manager Stainless steel


Blerim Mustafa

Foreman Zinc

Small part zinc coating, Operation 3

Thanujan Chandran

Foreman Copper, Nickel, Chrome

Copper-, Nickel-, Chrom-plating

Jennifer Graf

Foreman Waste water, disposal&laboratory 
Technical trainer, Contact person for  occupational safety & dangerous goods

Nunzio Schena

Gentijan Zeqiri

Foreman Service Center

Kandiah Satheeskumar

Foreman Maintenance

Yvonne Sutter

Sabrina Gsell


Exports, IT

Arbenita Hazeraj

Age Prenka

Alexander Fürer

Marketing and sales

Promotion, advertisement, PR, web