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The quickest way to a solution for very small parts 

Are you looking for economic finishing?

Are you planning a special application?

The best way to convince yourself about an innovation is to try it. 

We thus offer you a sample of your very small parts directly out of the barrel.

What we need:

  • Bulk parts

  • About 2 cubic decimetres

  • A list of your specifications

  • Your choice of colour, a model or sample

  • The expected production volume of the finishing

Our specialists take care of the rest.

Together with the finished product, you will receive a complete offer for series production. 
You decide when production will begin. It’s that easy.

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Aluminium specification 

  • Round, cylindrical form

  • Length between 2–65 mm

  • Diameter between 2-8 mm


Screws, rivets, nipples, nuts, bolts, turning parts

Finishing data
  • Max. coating: 15 micrometre thickness
  • Colourless or in standard colours: red, blue, black, green, bilious green, yellow, orange, violet, gold, grey, pink, bronze, turquoise
  • All special colours possible
  • Reject rate depending on geometry of approx. 0.5–20% 

Stainless steel specifications 

  • Round, cylindrical and flat form

  • Length between 2–35 mm

  • Diameter between 2-8 mm


Bolts, springs, pins, screws, nuts, Rivets, nipples, turned parts

Finishing data
  • Erosive process through electrolysis with post-processin
  • Reduces micro-roughness
  •  Colourless matt or glossy

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We, the new team at Stalder Finish. Stalder AG, a family business run by the second and third generation, has been offering barrel electropolishing and anodising internationally for more than two years. Thanks to the purchase of a complete production line and innovative developments, millions of parts can be finished efficiently. As a company with a very long-standing tradition in bulk barrel finishing, Stalder offers the perfect solution. 

The economic coating of medium to large volumes takes place industrially in shift operation. Stalder Finish’s competitive advantage of research and development pays off twofold. Both in price and speed, Stalder AG is a reliable partner of leading industrial companies throughout Europe.

When it comes small parts, contact us!

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Cedric Stalder

Area Manager Aluminium

Barrel anodising, Head of Service centre, final assembly & packaging, Specialist in drum anodising