• Finitura efficiente delle parti più piccole

  • Finitura dei metalli dal 1959

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Tutto ciò che vediamo, tutto ciò che è visibile sono le superfici. Per soddisfare i requisiti di una superficie ottimale, è necessario prendere in considerazione i materiali, la loro funzione e il loro campo di applicazione. La competenza principale di Stalderfinish è la finitura completa delle superfici metalliche.

Gestione dell'ambiente e della qualità

Stalderfinish si occupa della propria gestione della qualità fin dalla sua fondazione. La certificazione secondo le norme ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015 vi garantisce una qualità costantemente elevata e all'avanguardia.

Smallestparts Electropolished or Anodised in Barrel

09. dicembre 2020

Are you familiar with the service package for small parts?

With the rational refinement of aluminium and stainless steel we have dedicated ourselves entirely to the barrel finish. We have invested even more time and know-how in the further development of these special processes. Where in classic anodic oxidation/anodising and electropolishing all parts are placed individually by hand on conductive frames, customers lost valuable time. This is neither practicable nor economical for small parts for cost reasons. The Stalder team relies on specific finishing in the barrel. With these processes, small parts such as rivets, nipples, screws, nuts, bolts or turned parts can be processed in large quantities with guaranteed economic efficiency. Bulk material enters the drum already during pre-treatment and passes through the most efficient process up to finishing. In this way, hundreds of thousands of parts can be finished every day. Additional modules for further process steps offer a whole range of solutions. Individual customer requirements can be taken into account. You decide whether your smallestparts are treated in colour or with a special function.
The great price advantage and the much faster processing compared to conventional processes should be emphasised. But see for yourself, the page for miniature parts: www.smallestparts.com
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