Environment & quality management


Quality management

Stalderfinish has placed great emphasis on its own quality management since its foundation. Certification according to ISO 9001:2015 guarantees continually high quality and points the way to the future. One of the core tasks of modern industry is to keep pace with technological developments and to convince a demanding clientèle time and again with new or even better processes and solutions. Stalderfinish is convinced that only this way can it achieve the company's overriding goal of high customer satisfaction. Precise quality controls in the company's own laboratory and the daily maintenance of the plants by proven specialists guarantee you continuity. With fully automated and computer-controlled plants developed in-house and trust in well-trained and highly motivated employees, Stalderfinish is able to offer you first-rate service.

Environmental management

Stalderfinish has retained a focus on a sustainable approach to nature since the beginning. The entire company is thoroughly pioneering in terms of environmental protection in metal finishing. Even back in 1963 it installed a waste water purification system – the first industrial company in Canton St.Gallen to do so. Water as a source of life and a precious resource is fed back cleanly into nature from the factories in Engelburg. All the waste water is checked and treated in our own processing systems in line with the latest technology. Ongoing improvements and targeted prevention with the optimum use of the latest technology and environmentally friendly bath components make it possible to offer you environmental protection at the highest level. Complementary to this, Stalderfinish boasts its own plants for recycling and recovery. Furthermore, all buildings are heated carbon-neutrally using wood. It is only through conscientious metal finishing on a daily basis, certified according to ISO 14,000:2015, that valuable resources can be saved. Stalderfinish and its name are representative of this.